Can You Sue a Casino for Wrongly Detaining You for

A CHINESE high roller gambler with links to Queensland claims the $6.3 million he won at the casino was stolen by a “banned gambler” with “substantial debts” and accuses the casino of Police investigating theft of gaming chips from Strip casino. Metro Police say they are looking for three people who stole chips from a Las Vegas Strip casino Wednesday night. Detectives are investigating the incident, A look inside: Strip’s glamour infuses UNLV’s new $60 million hotel college. UNLV’s latest building gives its world-renowned Harrah’s College of Hospitality a world Re: Can You Sue a Casino for Wrongly Detaining You for Suspected Theft budwad;1040661]I'm just going to disagree with you. In a casino, you control the slot as long as you are at it. Sue the casino. It wasn't just Denver Bronco fans who had a tough Super Bowl weekend this year. A gambler is suing a Las Vegas casino after he lost $500,000 playing blackjack and pai gow, arguing Pennsylvania State Police are looking for a violent thief, accused of knocking a security guard down in order to steal gambling chips from Sugarhouse Casino. The currency exchange is one-way — while users can use real-world money to purchase GTA Online casino chips (at a rate of something like $1 of real money for $50,000 worth of in-game currency

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